Small Biz Quiz

How true are these 10 statements for your business, based on this scale:

  • 0 = Don’t Know
  • 1 = Definite Yes
  • 5 = Firm No

When you’re done, click the “Get Your Score” button. Your score, and an explanation of it, will appear below the button. Contact us to discuss the results and find out how Third Nature can help your business thrive.

0 1 2 3 4 5
1. Sales are good, but we’re not making enough money.
2. We too often have difficulty meeting payroll on time.
3. I'm not paying myself enough or—too frequently—not at all.
4. We’re adding more people and working longer hours, but we’re still not solving the
    business’ problems.
5. The business is not generating enough cash flow to reinvest in its growth.
6. Our product/service quality is becoming inconsistent and starting to decline.
7. Customer complaints are growing in number, frequency and intensity.
8. We too often can’t pay our suppliers and vendors in full and/or on time.
9. The business is not consistently solvent.
10. Our business often operates at or below breakeven.