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Third Nature specializes in helping small business leaders not just solve their problems but use them as opportunities to improve their companies.

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“The most dangerous and pivotal time for a small business is after its initial start-up success. As companies get more established, they inevitably become more complex. They must rely more on business systems and analytics—rather than the ‘seat of the pants’ leadership that got them started. Businesses that can’t make this transition die before their time.”




Preventing the chronic stagnation of small businesses and the overwhelm their leaders face has been Dave Bruno’s mission since founding Third Nature in 1998. He does this by using a proven business coaching process to help founders, leaders and owners to break through the core problems that suffocate a company’s growth. In addition, his style—while personable and encouraging—is no-nonsense and direct.
Asking the Right Questions Upfront
Before agreeing to work together, Dave believes the business owner and he must answer these four questions:

  1. Is there a good fit between the company’s needs and Third Nature’s specialized business coaching and advisory services?
  2. How will the bottleneck the company is facing be solved or fixed?
  3. How long will it take to do this?
  4. How much will this cost, and is that affordable?

To ensure this is a win/win relationship, Dave and the Third Nature team use “Snapshot,” a thorough, no-cost diagnostic process, unlike any other business coaching firm offers. There is no obligation to proceed on either side—unless both agree this is the right way to go.
Addressing Concerns about Business Coaching
Dave understands the concerns owners may have about working with a business coach. “They can be afraid of giving up ‘control’ of their company to someone else,” he says. “Or revealing the flaws or weaknesses in how they run the business.
“The bottom line is that we both want the same thing: for the business—and them—to be as successful as possible. I’m not here to judge. I’m a trusted advisor who helps business owners put the right third-nature systems, practices and processes in place, and to understand how the business really operates,” Dave explains.

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