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Here are the best ideas we’ve found on addressing missed opportunities and issues troubling small businesses.

Are You Leaning Toward ‘Lean’?

Michael LaVista, founder and President of Caxy Code Creative, authored this section. Here’s what you’ll find; What Lean Management is Increase employee engagement Maximize value to your customers while minimizing waste Orient the company around continuous improvement What is “Lean Management”? There are lots of definitions and descriptions around about the principles and practice of lean management. Here’s one from John Shook of the Lean Enterprise Institute that well captures the essence ..

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A Tool To Dramatically Increase Your Success Odds

Here’s what you’ll find: ● The correlation between business success and effective decision-making. ● The four kinds of business decisions and how to manage each. ● The Seven Step Decision Making Process. ● The Decision Tree Tool for High Stakes Decisions. ● This section will be found in the Management Principles and Concepts folder. Making good decisions. This is an essential business management skill. It’s the one thing all small business leaders ..

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Will You Get What You Need From Your Business Next Year?

Here’s what you’ll find: A powerfully different way to map out your coming year. The important difference between Needs and Wants. A four-step process to determine unsatisfied needs. How to use this information to build your next year’s performance improvement plan. This time of year, businesses face an important decision. As an SBOM reader, I’m guessing you have a strong bias toward greater influence over your personal and business future. I’ll ..

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Do Your Business Goals Aim and Inspire You?

I know what you’re thinking… Before you decide to skip this SBOM Section because you’ve been talked to death about goals and objectives, I ask you to reconsider. You need to run your company intentionally. And you can’t do it without Business Goals and Objectives. Here’s Why They don’t do any kind of formal business planning. Here’s the truth. One of the primary reasons small business owners don’t have a formal operating ..

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3 Things Not to Do In Your Business This Year

Here’s what you’ll find: Knowing what not to do is vitally important to your success this year. The three business-imperiling things not to allow in your business DNA. Specific ideas to help you avoid these issues. Links to related SBOM posts offering more details and actionable insights. You’re excited about what the new year will bring for your business. “This is the year we turn the corner to breakthroughs that have eluded ..

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Are You Being Stalked by Decision Regret?

Lynne Franklin, principal of Lynne Franklin Wordsmith and Dave Bruno, principal and founder of the Small Business Owner’s Manual co-authored this section. What you’ll learn: ● The similarities and differences between buyer’s remorse and decision regret. ● How decision regret gets in the way of planning and goal setting. ● The three actions you can take to power through this. You know how it goes. You’re driving, walking, reading, or doing any ..

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