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Here are the best ideas we’ve found on addressing missed opportunities and issues troubling small businesses.

Don’t Run Your Company Without These

For decades, American Express told us, “Don’t leave home without it.” I’m giving that a slight twist here. You need to run your company intentionally. And you can’t do it without Business Goals and Objectives. I know what you’re thinking … Before you decide to skip this SBOM Section because you’ve been talked to death about goals and objectives, I ask you to reconsider. Here’s Why They don’t do any kind of ..

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3 Important Actions That Can Have a Big Impact on Your Business

Big changes in results don’t always require equally big changes in operations, approaches, strategies, tactics or business models. More often than you may think, comparatively small alterations in operating practices, processes or methods produce disproportionately large improvements in results. Here are three things that can bring big results for you in 2015—and every year after that: Set, measure and monitor your “move the needle” 2015 business goals Create and use a written ..

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The Role of Energy and Power In Managing Your Business

All businesses have unique power and energy. Some have more and some less.  None are identical, which explains why their operating capabilities are very different. Let’s be clear. This power is not about control, manipulation, force of any kind, coercion, or superior strength. It’s the first definition of “power” you’ll find in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: the ability to act or produce an effect. Applied to a business, power is the ability to ..

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3 Keys to Better Business Negotiating

People negotiate all the time. This happens in business, personal lives, and just about everything else involving two or more human beings trying to get something that they need, want or is meaningful to them. It’s virtually impossible for a business owner to go a day without negotiating. This goes on with employees, customers, prospects, suppliers, bankers, advertising sources, advisers and board members. There are many myths and stories about being a ..

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The Five Disorders that Doom Small Businesses

“Many small businesses are doomed from day one, not from competition or the economy, but from the ignorance of their owners . . . their destiny is already decided because they have no idea how a business should be operated.” ~William Manchee, Author Pretty strong words, but Manchee is right. He’s not saying business owners are dumb. He’s simply stating that no new owner can know everything about the skills, practices and ..

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Do You Need A Performance Improvement Plan – Of Course You Do

Here’s what you’ll find: ● The Six Questions Method for Performance Improvement Planning. ● Specific questions, guidelines and tips for implementing this Method. As we start to gear up for the end of the year push, it’s time to ask, “Will we develop a written performance improvement plan for our business for the coming year?” Bring On the Excuses Sadly, research shows that owners of most established small businesses answer, “No, we’ll ..

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