When “Success” = “Stress”
Your company successfully made it past the start-up phase. But "success" means more of everything: revenues, customers, products/services, employees. Your business is too complex to run in the same "gut decision" way—which increases your stress exponentially. These three pillars can help you reach sustainable success.

We Build the Pillars of Small Business Success—Together

Nearly two decades of coaching experience has taught us that successful companies are built on three foundational pillars. Our role is to help business owners strengthen these, which creates a balanced and sustainable business.
These pillars create our roadmap for business breakthroughs. Because no one has the time or the resources to deal with everything all at once, we work on the pillars one at a time.

Third Nature's Pillars of Business Success

Financial and Cash Management
Issue: Companies that can’t manage cash can’t stay in business. Business leaders frequently don’t make the best use of their financial and cash management system. While data is captured, it too often is passed to an outside accountant—whose focus is on taxes. That means the information isn’t well analyzed and used, which can result in poor business decisions—and more stress.
Our focus: We help small business leaders make decisions using evidence, not guesses. This is based on the ART formula: ensuring accurate, reliable and timely information is shared within the company. It begins with having a sound financial system, identifying the information you need to get from it, and understanding what this means.
Deliver and Fulfill Promised Customer Value
Issue: This often was the reason the owner started the business. Unfortunately, the information on how to create value frequently is locked in that person’s head. Because there are no systems or processes to share this knowledge, everyone must go through the founder for decisions. This is inefficient and stressful as the company grows and becomes more complex.
Our focus: Together, we analyze the cost of fulfilling promises. This usually involves a close review of how prices are developed for products and services—and dealing with the fear of losing customers if the company charges what it should.
Get and Keep Profitable Partners and Customers
Issue: Without the right level of sales, a business can’t create the positive cash flow it needs to operate. Here, too, the secrets of acquiring and retaining profitable customers often reside primarily with the founder. There is no effective and repeatable system and process to get and keep the right customers, and continually measure and monitor how well this is being done.
Our focus: We determine which customers produce the most profit and which fall below the acceptable level. When necessary, we re-engineer the sales strategy and processes to produce more profitable customers, and gradually reduce or eliminate those that that cannot fit this profile.
We work by your side: determining the right strategies for strengthening each pillar, and holding you accountable for the progress you have committed to make.
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Third Nature knows the issues you face. Let us help you create a balanced and sustainable business.
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