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Here are the best ideas we’ve found on addressing missed opportunities and issues troubling small businesses.

Your Top Line Is Fine But You’re Not Making Any Money. What’s Going On?

This is a case worthy of Sherlock Holmes. More time, effort and energy is spent chasing the solution to this small business mystery than nearly any other! We’re not talking about temporary downturns. This is the chronic inability to turn the top line into steady positive cash flow, profitability, strong net income, and an overall vibrant business. In my experience, well over half of established small businesses experience some of these symptoms ..

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Have Conversations That Transform Your Business

How many conversations do you have about your business every month? You probably have hundreds, if not thousands. They occur all the time with customers, prospects, vendors, employees, advisors, bankers—the list goes on. Over a year, they easily number in the tens of thousands. Yet, unless you’re in the distinct minority of small business owners, you rarely have the kind of conversations that really transform your business. The kind that gives you ..

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Making Friends with Your Numbers

This article was written by Walter Miller, owner of Norman Professional Services. Are you intimidated by—or afraid of—the numbers side of your business? If so, you’re not alone. Most people start small businesses because they have an idea, talent or skill to offer the world, and want to make money doing this. It’s easy to focus on the first part to the exclusion of the second. Of course that’s not a good ..

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